August 2017: Congratulations Eduardo Mendes on another great publication 

July 2017: Congratulations Eduardo Mendes on a great publication

April 2017: A rare occurrence in which the group is witnessed totally quiet. 

March 2017: Congratulations Dr Jos Poolman for a successful PHD defence.

December 2016: Cansel Temiz attended the 3rd International fall school on Organic Electronics in Moscow.





Ger Koper, ASM, TU Delft
Mieke Kleijn, PCS, Wageningen UR

November 2016 Congratulations! Dr. Rienk Eelkema was awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant.


November 2016 And again, congratulations! Dr. Rienk Eelkema won the STW Open Mind competition together with Antonia Denkova on a proposal on Cerenkov chemotherapy


November 2016 The concrete curing compound Delft Green developed by Slimy Green Stuff of Prof. Stephen Picken is now available on the market. See the website of NGCM.

Picture and video of the application of the curing compound:


New factory to extract alginate-like raw material from waste water

October 2016 Kai Zhang and Eduardo Mendes work on printing and welding of ultralong copolymer micelles appears in Chemical Communications

A printing and thermal welding approach for 2D supermicelles network K.Zhang, P. Glazer, L. Jennings, S. Vedataman, S. Oldenhof, Y. Wang, F. Schosseler, J. v. Esch, E. Mendes Chem. Comm., 2016, 52, 12360


October 2016 Karolis Vilcinskas successfully defended his dissertation “Properties of advanced (reduced) graphene oxide-alginate biopolymer films”. Promotores were Stephen Picken and Fokko Mulder, co-promotor was Ger Koper.


The work of Karolis has led to 4 publications:

June 2016 Paper on liposome-catalyzed gelation published in JACS! Including gelation around HeLa cells, in collab. with the van Kasteren Lab.

F. Versluis, D. van Elsland, S. Mytnyk, D. L. Perrier, F. Trausel, J. M. Poolman, C. Maity, V. A. A. le Sage, S. I. van Kasteren, J. H. van Esch, R. Eelkema; “Negatively charged lipid membranes catalyze supramolecular hydrogel formation”
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2016, DOI: 10.1021/jacs.6b03853fig1

June 2016 Rienk attended the Micro- and Nanomachines MNM2016 conference in Hannover and gave a presentation on out of equilibrium assembly

June 2016 Accounts of Chemical Research on catalytic hydrogelation published!
F. Trausel, F. Versluis, C. Maity, J. M. Poolman, M. Lovrak, J. H. van Esch, and R. Eelkema; “Catalysis of Supramolecular Hydrogelation”
Acc. Chem. Res. 2016, 10.1021/acs.accounts.6b00137

May 2016
We’ve moved our labs to the new Applied Sciences building at TU Delft!
New address: Van der Maasweg 9, 2629 HZ Delft, The Netherlands; Office: D2.340

April 2016 Single molecule rectification! Together with the van der Zant and Grozema Labs, we developed a single molecule diode with the highest rectification ratio ever recorded! Now online at Nanoscale.

April 2016 Jos and Chandan’s paper on hydrogel functionalization in J. Mater. Chem. B is now listed as a ‘Hot Paper’

April 2016 Frank Versluis’s review of synthetic self assembly in biological environments is now online at Advanced Materials. 

March 2016 Alexandra Arranja and Eduardo Mendes Exam the fate of Pluronic nanocarriers in vivo as published in Molecular Pharmaceutics

SPECT/CT imaging of Pluronic nanocarriers with varying PEO block length and aggregation state Arranja, O. Ivashchenko, A. G. Denkova, K. Morawska, S. van Vlierberghe, P. Dubruel, G. Waton, F. van der Have, F. J. Beekman, F. Schosseler and E. Mendes Molecular Pharmaceutics, 3, 1158−1165 (2016)


March 2016 Alexandra Arranja and Eduardo Mendes report on the interaction of Pluronic nanocarriers with 2D and 3D tumor cell cultures in J. of Controlled Release.

Interactions of Pluronic Nanocarriers with 2D and 3D Cell Cultures: Influence of PEO Length and Aggregation State A.Arranja, A. Denkova, K. Morawska, G. Waton, S. van Vlierberghe, P. Dubruel, F. Schosseler, E. Mendes of Controlled Release 224, 126–135 (2016)


January 2016: Work of Elena Galan and Rienk Eelkema entitled Synthesis of 1,2-biphenylethane based single-molecule diodes was published in Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry.Elena OBJ 2016
Work of Jos Poolman entitled A toolbox for controlling the properties and functionalisation of hydrazone-based supramolecular hydrogels was published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry B.

January 2016 Eduardo Mendes and colleagues report on smart hydrogel based device for vascular occlusion in Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine.

A Hydrogel Based Vascular Occlusion Device: an In-vitro and in-vivo Evaluation. P. Verbrugghe, J. Verhoeven, W. Coudyzer, E. Verbeken, P. Dubruel, E. Mendes, F. Stam, B. Meuris, P. Herijgers Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine (2015)26:264pict1

Gelukkig Nieuw Jaar! Happy New Year 2016!

December 2015: Congratulations to Dr. Wouter Hendriksen on successfully defending his PhD!

November 2015: Work of Wouter Hendriksen, Rienk Eelkema and Jan van Esch entitled Supramolecular Protein Immobilization on Lipid Bilayers was published in Chemistry a European Journal. This is work was done in collaboration with members from the lab of Prof.Luc Brunsveld from TU Eindhoven.

October 2015:
Co-authored work of Wouter Hendriksen, Vasudevan Lakshminarayanan, Vincent Le Sage titled Gelation Landscape Engineering using a Multi-Reaction Supramolecular Hydrogelator System published in Journal of American Chemical Society.

SMARTNET ITN progress meeting will take place at our faculty between the 26th and the 30th of October. The meeting will be followed by workshop on “Chemical product design”.

September 2015: 720 visitors in 4 hours at “Dag van de Chemie” !!!
Largest public event ever at Chemical Engineering Delft, with large participation and organization by ASM members.


September 2015: Marcel Bus and Eduardo Mendes were live on Radio Delft Centraal on Saturday 19th. For 10 minutes they promoted the “Dag van de Chemie” and the Department of Chemical Engineering. The “Dag van de Chemie” takes place on Saturday 26th September when the department is open to the public.


August 2015: Serhii Mytnyk and Laurence Jennings got a “Best Oral Contribution Prize” on the 23rd International Conference on Bioencapsulation, September, 2-4, Delft, The Netherlands, with the contributions:
“Spherical and elongated micellar carriers as versatile theranostic devices”, L. Jennings, A. Ivashchenko, A. Laan, G. Waton, I. van der Have, F. Beekman, F. Schosseler, E. Mendes,
“Core-shell hydrogel particles by all-aqueous microfluidics”, S. Mytnyk, K. Totlani, E. Mendes,V. van Steijn, M. Kreutzer, J. van Esch.
Congratulations to both!

2015-09-09 12.57.15-small

August 2015: Paper published in Science! The work of Wouter Hendriksen, Job Boekhoven, Ger Koper, Rienk Eelkema and Jan van Esch was published in Science. The paper explores the potential of active materials fueled by chemical reactions, leading to programmable material properties with a lifetime and synthetic supramolecular polymers with microtubule like behavior. The movie below gives a short overview of the main achievements, and the paper can be found here.

July 2015: Chemical & Engineering News and Chemistry World featured the beautiful work of Rafal Klajn (Weizmann Institute) on nanoparticle assembly (Nature Chemistry 2015), including commentary by Rienk Eelkema.

July 2015: In vivo Biodistribution of Stable Spherical and Filamentous Micelles Probed by High-sensitivity SPECT
L. Jennings, O. Ivashchenko, I. J. C. Marsman, A. C. Laan, A. G. Denkova, G. Waton, F. J. Beekman, F. Schosseler
and E. Mendes
Biomater. Sci., 1202, vol 4 (2016)

July 2015: Paper published! The work of Simge Tarkuc, Elena Galan and Rienk Eelkema, in collaboration with the Grozema Lab (Chemical Engineering) and van der Zant Lab (Kavli Institute) was published in Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology. The paper deals with the influence of anchoring groups on the electrical conductance through single molecules.


July 2015: Paper published! A paper by Roman Latsuzbaia and Ger Koper on recovery of noble metal catalysts for fuel cells is now online at ChemSusChem.


July 2015: Paper published! A paper on quantum interference in donor-bridge-acceptor molecules by Simge Tarkuc and Rienk Eelkema (collaboration with the Grozema Lab) is now online at Chemical Science.


June 2015: Group trip! Recently the ASM lab went for a golf clinic at a local golf course.

March 2015: Article Published! Dr.Elena Galan Garcia’s work on single molecule resonant tunnelling diode got published in The Journal of Physical Chemistry. The article can be accessed here